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Some questions, some answers.

Have a look at most frequently asked questions.

What mortar mix design should I use?

It truly depends on what the mortar is like on your building right now. Do you have fine aggregate or coarse aggregate? What year was the building built? Most buildings in my area built before 1910 used lime as their binder without any cement after that time, cement was slowly added to mixed designs. If you are approaching winter we might need to add a little bit of Portland cement for a type K mix design. Normally white if you have a straight line original building so that it can hard enough to withstand freeze thaw. Never forget to assess why the mortar has deteriorated in the first place that cause needs to be repaired before you fix the effect of deteriorated mortar.

Can you come to my site to teach there?

Absolutely. Depending on what we are teaching I normally drive a 70-foot-long tractor trailer with all the tools and equipment necessary. The best way to set up an on site teaching is to send me photographs of what we'll look going to be looking at and doing. We can do a one-on-one or up to 15 students at one time. Best thing to do is call me and we can have a discussion of exactly what you're looking for. Just instruction or actually working on your facility. 

Can I start with a video call to show you what I'm dealing with on my building?

Yes - I do quick video calls with folks (face time is best) to introduce myself and try and answer some questions for no charge.

Can you come to my building?

I think we have answered this question with can you come to my site to teach there. If not, we'll keep it as it is.

Can you teach a class to our local historical society?

Yes, do it all the time. Teaching for historical societies is always great. These people are really into wanting to understand the difficulties of performing historic preservation properly. Things we need to know ahead of time are;How many people? We try for no more than 16 so they can do hands on samples of the work.What is the learning objective?How long of a session are you looking for? These classes range from 1 1/2 hours to 5 days.Do you want just instruction or instruction with hands on? Will hand John be with easels provided by me or the actual building to be worked on?

Can I come to your studio in Plainwell, MI to learn about building renovation?

Certainly can. This is an indoor studio, and we teach via video instruction along with hands on. Breakfast snack and full lunch is provided each day. We have a hotel nearby or if things are quite tight for a single person if you don't mind sleeping in a hammock, we have a full service facility. Send me an e-mail and we can get things set up.